Digital Campaign For Investing in Women

NUPIX helped the Pulih Foundation and Investing in Woman to create a digital campaign that raised the issue of domestic work. The message in this campaign is that even men can do household chores.

A macho husband, a metal band boy, was also able to help his wife do household chores without reducing his macho.

A young father who loves his vespas, apparently also loves and is willing to change his son’s diaper. Did not hesitate to do household chores.

A young executive is shopping at a vegetable vendor’s shed. He does not feel uncomfortable, because shopping and can also be done by men.

A couple are discussing about their vacation plans. For them, the decision should be decided together, not just the husband’s decision.

A really cool boy seems to be playing a turn table. He is a DJ. Even so, he did not hesitate to help his mother do household chores.

A husband who cooks at home, follows the guidance of his wife. For him, cooking for men actually shows the romantic side. Men also cook.

A father teaches his daughter to do math homework. For the father, teaching the child is also his responsibility, not only his wife.